Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO):

The process of recruiting although is an important part of any business; it is not the core function of the organization. It is difficult to focus on developing your core business when you have to be distracted with your in-house recruiting. Moreover, recruiting can be expensive and time consuming and that is why we offers a wide range of RPO services. Our team of recruitment professionals and analysts use the latest technology whic can help you reduce the costs and find the right candidate in time.

We are expert in providing 24/7 recruitment services to business. Our highly skilled teams deliver bespoke to fluctuations in client demand, take on significant new opportunities without adding staff and confidently accommodate internal staffing changes.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including full cycle recruitment, head hunting, passive search, CV sourcing and vendor management services(VMS). But more than that, we can absorb those recruitment functions that are necessary but not critical , such as compliance requirements, database regeneration, job postings or resume formatting. OTS People offers you offshore recruitment solutions to help optimize your work force, reduce operational costs and risks, and allow your recruiters to focus on their core skills and expertise.

Partnering with OTS people gives you the reassurancce of robust account management process which includes regular feedback taking and resolution of escalations. Additionally, our stringent quality checking system ensures our teams are constantly appraised in order to ensure that we deliver in line with your expectations.