About US:

Opshore Talent Solutions is an Offshore Recruitment Service Company. We help staffing firms globally with our extensive range of tailored service. From recuritment & admisnistarcive service to accounting support and bespoke one- off reative solutions we empower our clients to gain a commercial advantage in their marketplaces through innovative cost-effective expertise.

Our service enable our clients in staying focused on their core business while we take care of all the non-core process of their organization. We aim to build a lasting relationship with our clients and that is why our approach is not to do just a task for you, but to understand your business process, develop an insight and provide you with a strategic consultaion to help you improve your business through innovation. With our commitmebt to quality and perform consistently, we have been able to create great value for our clients and become an integral part of their business process.

We primarily serve clients operating i the Healthcare Industry, Accounting, Services, Recuritment firms and IT enabled Enterprise solutions. Our representatives can provide you with on-site support across the global if required.